Operation Kill Your Friend’s Neighbours!!!

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Hi, my name is Cookie and I am a bit cuckoo. This I can admit, but it’s never for no reason. Have you ever had people say you’re crazy but they are not looking at what’s made you that way. Well, I have decided, I would like to eliminate my friend’s neighbours from the earth. Do you think God will be OK with it if I explain? Let me explain to you before you answer me.

A few days ago I was parking outside my friend’s house. There is no designated parking, just on road parking. Now as soon as I place my car correctly, I start hearing a horn and I look up to see what was going on. There is a white guy, European looking, sitting there abusing the flippin horn. He kept on beeping and so I checked where I parked to see if I was parking in the wrong place. He starts using hand gestures to tell me to move. Me, being me, I looked at him and I just waited. I was parked on a PUBLIC ROAD!!!!!

This idiot moved out of the way to avoid traffic, sent his wife to me, who came to me, power walking, and banged on my window even though I was looking straight at her when she was coming towards me. She came and said to me, “You’re in my parking space”. I laughed. She asked me if I lived there. Not that I owed her an explanation but I answered her. Bottom line, I wasn’t rude to her but she left very unhappy. I did not move.

Fast forward a few days later, I am still at my friends house, it’s just before 11pm, and my son is doing a screamfest, throwing tantrums. The neighbours again. “We are trying to sleep, we have work at 5am. This is not normal, it’s been going on for an hour we are calling the police…” blah blah. My response? “Call the police”, my child had been throwing his little tantrum for less than 15mins and they had just thrown a party the day before but they wanna complain and exaggerate. Again, they were dumbfounded and did not know what to say back after I gave them a piece of my mind FOR THE SECOND TIME!

Now, fast forward, an hour later, I am getting my lil man into bed. Knock on the door. THE MOFO POLICE!!!! Is my name Billy? The police came saying they had an ANONYMOUS tip that I was leaving my child alone and it’s been going on for ages and the child just always cried. I flipped out. Told the police exactly who their anonymous tip was and why. They explained that it was their duty to check but they had no concerns. I politely explained to the police that I don’t mess around when it comes to my child, therefore, I will make the neighbours pay for it. They left, but now the neighbours must pay.

Any ideas?

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  1. I think you should call the police and explain that they too have been having loud parties and over 8 adults and two children live in a two bedrooms flat and get the neighbours to do a petition to get them removed from the street.


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