Baby Mama Drama

Yeah I know I’ve been saying I’m crazy. And you’re probably expecting a story about me going crazy at my baby daddy…this isn’t one of those stories. I just wanna discuss this modern society that we coexist in. 
Did you know there are about 2million single parents in the UK alone. They make up 25% of families with dependants. If I had it my way, my son would be part of a little nuclear family. Unfortunately, I am a part of those statistics. My son’s father and I are not together, for reasons I shan’t be blogging about lest he kills me or the haters out there start leaching on and saying rubbish. My issue with situations like this is the amount of stories that come out, especially from our generation. Almost everyday I see a meme on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook about how baby mamas are crazy and b*tches be crazy. These story don’t just come from the man, but the females that these “baby fathers” are dealing with. I can’t help feeling like I’ve been insulted even if I’m sure the shoe doesn’t fit. But as long as you’re single mother, speculation is “You’re a baby mother, a crazy baby momma”.

Making a baby TAKES TWO!!!! This whole “you trapped me” business is the most bullcrap I have heard on this earth. Did you not know the consequences of dipping your goodies into her cookie jar?? I could swear they teach reproduction from age 11!! Surely you are aware that 1 + 1 = 2 by now. Men just use this excuse to eliminate themselves from responsibility. We know most times it’s unexpected (TO BOTH PARTIES). The difference is, she’s probably more prepared than you. Just be honest with yourselves, you’re not ready. Talk to her. Let her know. All these accusations and name bashing just create a bad relationship for people who got along well and could have been something more.

SPEAK to her, sometimes all it takes is a conversation. As much as I don’t always support arbortion, I believe just because you are pregnant, does not mean you should keep it. Circumstances aren’t always right to put being another human being into the world. Sometimes, these females are so focused on punishing the guy, they forget how a baby would affect their own life. Think about how a baby changes your life. Please don’t misunderstand me. Children are amazing and my own little piece of joy makes me the happiest mother in the world. However, just being a young girl is difficult, especially when you’re a single mother and you have to make ends meet and still try to achieve the same goals you wanted to achieve before the bundle of joy surfaced. Think about the life that the child will have. Parents that don’t communicate and most probably a missing father. The concequences are deeper than a lot of people think. Think about it.

As far as I’m concerned, if you’re not ready to father the baby, Do not enter your devices in the wrong places. 

Females, trapping a nigga is not the way to go. And don’t come for me. He will love the child and still not love you. He will care for the child and still won’t stand you. A child is not Bluetooth that connects you to the dad. Stop doing things that make it difficult for our future generation to live better lives. Whether you like it or not, children from broken homes are more likely to turn out worse than those with both parents.
As for me, I know what I did and everyday I thank God for my little man. You won’t hear baby momma drama from me cause I’m not trying to trap anyone and I take care of mine. Don’t know about you boo!
Shots fired 🔫🔫🔫 😂 no, it’s not that deep….


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  1. I think women and men seem to forget there are ways of preventing a baby. When people say ‘we didn’t plan it it just happen’ thats rubbish. Things just don’t ‘happen’ especially when there are many steps in place to stop things. Both adults in the relationship or ‘situation should behave more responsible then this wouldn’t occur. People seems surprised that I don’t have kids saying I must be a ‘good boy’ . I don’t see it like that , I know I’m not ready to raise a child right now so I do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen


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