How embarrassing!!!

 People, people, people! I understand that embarrassment is a natural thing and I’m sure we’ve all experienced it at some point. I just think the universe has given me my fair share of embarrassment and two other people’s. I honestly feel, there are people out there, embarrassment free, and I get embarrassed on their behalf. So much has happened but let me just start with this one.

Recently, I’ve been on this “All-You-Can-Eat” diet so I thought before I balloon up and my confidence shoots down at the speed of gravity, I should probably hit the gym. Grabbed my gym buddy and off we went. We know a thing or two about exercise (Meaning as black girls, concentrate on the booty and do some squats). One lovely hulk respected out struggle and thought he would assist. We welcomed the help and he made us work.
It was all good and we were doing great. He switched up the exercises and moved some equipment around. We ended having to do sit ups in the position shown below:


Don’t judge me. I don’t know what this is called but you get the idea.
This exercise was great! I felt like Serena Williams. Banging it out in sets of 30 (I’m not lying. I have a witness). Now on my last set, I was feeling the pain but I was pushing through. My partner was resting after she had done hers. I pushed for 12, went for 13. I went down for the 14 and struggled back up. When I got up, my wig was on the floor. #BlackGirlProblems. I’ll live this here for you to just let it sink for a minute.
Now this lovely guy asked me, “Do you wanna stop?” Stop??? STOP??? So I can have time to think about how the whole gym is here looking at my wig on the floor whilst I fail to reach my 30 sit ups??? I don’t think so!!! I called for assistance from my tired ass friend who was moving at the speed of a snail or at least that’s what it felt like. I managed to stick the wig back on and securely held on to it for the rest of my set. Now this guy was all “Are you ok?” Blah blah. I’m sure he was just being sincere, but the way my embarrassment is set up, I was there for none of that.

I wasn’t reaaaaaddyyyyy (Kevin Hart Voice).

Anyway, do yall now understand why I feel like I get embarrassed for the whole world? If you have any embarrassing stories that you think beat this, bring them and I’m sure l beat them with another one.
Bear in mind it’s a true story…..FML!

Let me know what you guys think
Lots of love 💋💋💋


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