“He’s gonna cheat anyway”

How many times have you heard people say, “He’s gonna cheat anyway.” Honestly, take a minute. Are we all gonna accept this?? According to modern day theory, no matter what you look like, men are programmed to cheat and he will cheat on you no matter how good you treat him, how beautiful you are or how much money you give him (some of y’all are just sugar mummies, we all know it) 😂

I’m sorry but I’m not accepting that. If he cheats, kick him to the mf curb! Niggas are just living in the Instagram century (yeah, it’s a thing. Look it up). This century were the girls are the ones desperate for relationships that they see on the net. They focus so much on what a relationship is supposed to look like out there and forget what it’s like for the day in, day out.

The way I see it, it’s a catch 22. Every time he cheats, you can kick him to the curb but you’ll end up with one long list of “hims” that you kicked to the curb. You know, when go to every place and you bump into one ex or the other. If he cheats and you stay, Standard! You’ve just set the standard for the rest of your relationship. So what happens now?

I say fxck relationships. End off.

Ok maybe not. Here’s my solution. Know what you want. When you know what you want, it’s easy to eliminate the dirty and nasty.
Take time to know the person you meet and understand what they like and what ticks them off. Remember: assumptions are the biggest mofos in life.
What do you think?



  1. I think we live in the generation where we women no longer know how to be a woman and men dont know how to be men.
    This generation, having high standard means being the last on the queue waiting for Mr never coming and woman with lesser standards than you get married because they are insta famous or show more skin and twerk better than you.
    I say pick your battle wisely and train people be it male or female how to treat you.
    Always remember what you bring to the table no one else can match it.


  2. and you should be ready to compromise for you will be in certain situation where you are forced to compromise . The best book to read on relationships will be by T.D Jakes “before you say I DO ” it helps both parties understand what they want and need i a relationship xxx


  3. You should portray what you wish to recieve. If either parts treat each other with respect and not be a doormat this will built a better relationship. Some men cheat because they know they can. If they know their partner will take them back they will of course do it. However don’t get it twisted women cheat just as much as men but it is deeper than that. Men can sleep with a girl and it means nothing. Most Women need to have some sort of a connection with a man to sleep with him.


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