About Christmas


I mean it!! Well, considering I know what it means. So help me understand, we just basically wish each other to enjoy the days set aside as a holiday? Well, one day. I don’t get the hype. I mean I am a Christian and I love Jesus but let’s be real, Christmas isn’t about Christ anymore. It’s been made into something else. I love Christmas, but I hate Christmas. Let me explain…
3 things I hate about Christmas

  1. “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”!! That generic broadcast everyone feels the need to send to everyone. Why? We haven’t spoken since you broadcasted “He is risen, Happy Easter” and I ignored it and now you just send another pointless message. Save your text allowances. Text someone who cares. I don’t respond to broadcasts. If you wish me well, you’ll message me personal. I don’t know about you guys.
  2. “Where’s my Christmas present?” I’m sorry! You’ll never get anything from me. It’s like people don’t have any other chit chat topics. It’s really a nuisance.
  3. “What are you doing for Christmas?” None ya! 😐 Since when do we share ideas on how to spend our days. You don’t care how I spend every other day but you wanna ask how I’m gonna spend my Christmas. Girl bye. I give you that information then what? It’s like when people are like “Aren’t you cold in that?” Waaaaaaaaaaaait a second. Am I not an adult? If I was cold, could I just not add layers on? A coat or something. Not only that. Let me respond to your question. “Im freezing!” Now what? I’m cold, now you know. You do nothing. It’s not everyday talk!! 💁🏾 live and let live people.

People are just all up in your business using Christmas as an excuse. Not with me though!
3 things I love about Christmas

  1. The meaning of Christmas. The true meaning. I love that there’s a whole day dedicated to Jesus’ birth because without Him we wouldn’t be saved. How many other days can you find pretty much every shop closed? (Except for the McDs round the corner from me which is 24hrs). God is great and he doesn’t sieze to amaze me.
  2. Presents!!! I love presents. Who doesn’t love presents. Although I rarely get any (yes that’s your cue to go to the perfume shop and buy me some smell goods) I do still appreciate the little I get.
  3. It brings families together. It forces people that don’t like each other to communicate just for the spirit 😂 and it lets you know if you’re a side chick or nah 😂😂

Ok I’m out!
Merry Christmas everyone. Please remember the true meaning of this precious holiday and feel free to share your Christmas memories
JustCookieDough ❤️


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