Friends I don’t want around me #TrueStory

 Hey everybody, how are the new year’s resolutions going? It’s one month in and I have been to the gym once, one of my resolutions was to go to the gym at least twice a week. Honestly, I have no excuse. I have just been lazy, and I ain’t prioritised the right stuff. End off.
Now, I know it’s not my friends’ responsibility to make sure I attain these goals but it definitely ain’t gonna help me if they don’t care what my goals are. Friends….what’s the point of a friend? Why have them around?What’s their purpose and how do you know when a friendship is done? I have had friends come and go, many I have now realised, were never really friends in the first place, but leeches, parasites, layabouts, bloodsuckers. 😂😂😂 Obviously you can tell I’m passionate about this one.
Friendship to me has nothing to do with the length of  a relationship but more the level of connection. A true friend is someone you can talk to about ANYTHING! How many of you have friends you can talk about boys/girls to but you can’t talk business with? Friends you can’t talk God to but can talk money to? Shouldn’t a friend be happy with every component of you.
Some might say no, every person serves  different purpose in your life, which though true, doesn’t match friendship to me. Somebody should serve the role of “friend” in a friendship and that means the whole damn package!! Granted, no one is perfect but at least one person. I would say I’ve been blessed to have the one person that when I break down, I will still call and say things are rough. When things are great I can still call and say we are still celebrating.
Other friends around me, I question. Not because their intentions are terrible but I want to know how much time to invest in that relationship. Believe it or not, friendships can take a lot from you and in some cases, you get nothing back!
To define the friendships you have, first think about what kind of friend you are! What kind of do you wanna be? Are you there yet? Are you working towards it? Who are you being this friend to? Do they care about what you bring to the table? Because whether you like it or not, a friendship is a relationship! And we always want to feel like we are in a win-win situation. How many of you feel like your friends drag you down? How many of you feel like you’re better than all your friends on the low? Most would never say it and especially not to their friend’s faces. How many of you feel your friend thinks they are better than you? Are these legit problems in a friendship? Let’s face facts, most of you have felt some type of way about the hierarchy. The give and take is never equal. But only you know what you’re benefiting and what you’re losing.

What do I value in a friendship? Support and progression. Let’s support of each other and help each other progress. You do good, I applaud. You do bad, I console you and encourage to try again. And give versa. I love sharing my problems with my friends, not because I don’t know the solution but sometimes it helps to know you’re not the only one suffering.
Those friends that you have to ask for their support?? Nah! Those friends that are low key jealous? Nah! Those friends that wish you had?? Nah! Those friends that can’t tell you when you make a wrong decision? Nah! Only progression and support!
I could go on and on about the type of friends out there, but my simple advice is to look around at your friends and see whether they’re really friends. Find the root of the friendship and you’ll find the strength or the weakness!
Trust me, I learnt the hard way!

Lots of love

I know it’s been a minute! 🌸



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