10 Reasons to love March! (March Madness)

marchHello gorgeous people, the beautiful second month of the year is now coming to an end and here comes the most precious month of all, MARCH! Yeah, I said it! Everybody knows a person born in March, everybody loves a person born in March. I am here to give you 10 reasons to love March…


Starting with this…

  1. Birthday – I was born in March! Yes, the greatness that is moi, was released to the earth on the 1st of March! Make sure you listen to my birthday special on the 2nd of March. Also, come celebrate with me if you wish!  March the 4th, I’ll be turning up! Tweet @thebombwithjcd for details!
  2. International Women’s Day – March the 8th gives me another chances to celebrate me again!!! Obviously all the other women in the world are involved to! So does Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn celebrate this day too??
  3. St. Patrick Day – Where are all my alcoholics at? March 17th is your day. I don’t actually know what this day is about. All I know is people dress in green stuff and drink beer. I should probably do some research…..by that, I mean google some stuff.
  4. Summer is coming!!!!!!!!!! – I don’t know about you but I feel happier when the sun is shining. And March weather wouldd be a trailer if Summer was a movie. It gives you a chance to look at your weight and decide whether summer is gonna bang or nah.
  5. Verbal Equinox – On the 20th March, day and night have the same amount of hours and from then, days are longer(THANK GOD!), marking the first day of spring! Hoorah! This whole living in darkness thing is so off-putting. The days however, mean I got me a little bit more time to fluff about 🙂
  6. Lent – So for those of us that sucked at New Year’s resolutions, we do not have to wait till next year. Lent gives us a chance to give up something (chocolate, bad habits etc.) I think I’m gonna give up being mean 🙂 Not that I am mean….but you know…
  7. Easter Goodies – Love chocolate, love Easter. I know, I know.. Easter ain’t about the chocolate. Jesus died for us! Yes I know and I am grateful for this Holy holiday  and the goodies that come with it.
  8. Mother’s Day – Another chance to celebrate myself…and my mother as well! And your mother’s too, LOL. Gosh, I love March
  9. Pi Day – Yes I spelt it correctly, not Pie…but Pi. The pi rule – 3.14? ring any bells? No. The math lovers will get it…hopefully most of you will too! Bake a pie, eat it…do something.
  10. #SMADEAFROFEST – SMADE Entertainment has once again brightened our holidays with an amazing concert line up featuring Wande Coal, Patoranking, Kiss Daniel and many more. As usual hosted by the legendary Eddie Kadi, the show will be held on March the 28th at the prestige TROXY LONDON! With the £20 Early bird tickets already SOLD OUT, hurry and get your tickets here

My March is going to be turnt!!!! What about yours?

What do you love about March?


Comment below…




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