MikesComedy Does Music, Better Than He Does Comedy?

So we are in two minds on how we love Mikes. We had to love him for the comedy, you know the weather reports from Gary and ‘instaaa’ posts when something is “hannoying”. Recently though, he has been sending us some musical goodness to our ears.

Exhibit A:

‘I aint gon’ lie or try to be funny’ but this tune BANGS! When you’ve been grinding and working all week, you already know this tune will keep you on that vibe. Good Week, released less than a month ago featuring Ferno on the track, has almost 100,000 plays. He’s definitely keeping his supporters happy because not too long ago, he released ‘Back Break’ with JokezMessiah and that’s causing a storm too.

Exhibit B:

So you decide! Do you love him more for the music or the comedy!!! We can’t choose…


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