Y2K Set Pace For UK Promoters with SAMAFEST!

If you were not there, I cannot imagine where else you could be. SAMA Festival headlined by the legend, Oliver Mtukudzi, Zim’s international star, Jah Prayzah, the Bigman Winky D and ‘church person’ Fungisai. One show in London (Oasis Banqueting Hall) and another in Leicester (Leicester Arena).

They say blacks do not do time keeping but we have nothing but good things to say about this particular concert. On arrival, we could tell it was going to be packed as there was no parking available already. Thank God for ubers! There were no unnecessary queues as those with tickets gained easy access and those that didn’t have tickets had easy purchase on the door.

Once inside, our hearts palpitated with excitement as the bass ran through from our feet as the sound system pumped out the instrumentals from Winky D’s tunes and he belted his lyrics out alongside his fans who were singing along. I had never seen anything like it! Walking into a Zimbabwean concert in London without disappointment but with increased excitement. Faces unknown, faces familiar, either way, it felt like home. Straight away we joined the crowd and even put dancing shoes on when the instrumental for ‘Bhebhi raMwari’ blasted through the speakers and of course we sang along.

Oliver Mtukudzi joined Winky D for the emotional ‘Panorwadza Moyo’ and continued with his own legendary tracks that had everyone reminiscing. Fungisai lovers were satisfied with her performance and she certainly had time to perform all her tracks.

Jah Prayzah graced the stage last and understandably gathered everybody around for the show he was about to put on. The man’s entrance showed preparation and definite showmanship! His dancers and band continued to wow us through his performance from ‘Mdhara Achauya’ to ‘Eriza’ and all his bangers. Mothers, daughters, sons and fathers were all glued to the stage as he slayed song after song in what felt like was not long enough. Now I am not sure whether we enjoyed too much it finished too quickly or maybe we were running out of time and he rushed though, but he certainly entertained the mass. What an exquisite performance.

Everyone went home happy and peacefully, NO DRAMA! My only wish was we could have made it to Leicester for you!

Y2K Promotions, I couldn’t be more proud! Fantastic, well organised event. Belinda Magejo, the ultimate plug! In life, get you a Belinda. Thank you for the access and big thanks to Taponeswa too. Well done guys. You changed the game.

Watch the little snippet below:


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