Kendrick Lemar – DAMN. Damnnnnn Kendrick!

You’ll remember us screaming over the visuals for ‘Humble’ by Kendrick Lemar. Now we are screaming because he let us have the whole ‘DAMN.’ Album!!! And all we have to say is Daaaaaaamnnnn Kendrick is back!


The album is simple and complicated at the same damn time. Only Rihanna, Zacari and U2 feature on the whole album. No rappers are featuring on the 14 track album. Kendrick described the album as ‘very urgent’ and guess what, we agree. It’s highly urgent you press play, stream it, cop it, LISTEN.


Our favourite track is ELEMENT. But HUMBLE. is a close second and that ain’t because Cookie’s 5 year old son has a dance to it. Ha! If you ain’t seen the little dance, snap her: @justcookiedough


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