‘Afrobbean’ London Launch Sets Mood For Friday Release

Your favourite duo has an EP ready and the Lotto Boyzz know they have made fire. A last minute EP Launch hosted by Red Bull had a pretty good turn out last night. London came out to watch the Birmingham boys perform hits from the album including the banger ‘No Don’ as well as ‘Birmingham’. We all got an exclusive listen to the rest of the tracks on the EP and I have to give a special mention to ‘Unfinished Business’. Maybe it’s because I still have unfinished business or just that the song bangs but I know I wasn’t the only one feeling it. The boys had the crowd singing along by the end of the song. ‘Facetime Me’ video is also out tomorrow. So much to look forward to. Congrats guys.


Of course I managed to get a cheeky pic with them. These guys’ sense of humour is too charming, even on stage they had the crowd laughing. We want the tour now, we are ready.

The 6 Track EP is set to be released tomorrow, Friday the 13th of October.
Pre-order here: Afrobbean (The Genre Definition) – EP by Lotto Boyzz



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