Do you Love “Ye” like Kanye loves Ye?

I LOVE KANYE WEST! Yeah I said it, and what? People are scared to say they like him because the majority disagrees with his opinion and this is what he was highlighting about having a different point of view.  He’s a legend and to be honest I could not wait to listen to this album. 7 tracks, all very different but if you are a lover of music and are able to divorce your hate for Yeezy from the music, you’ll love the album.

The genius in this album starts with the album cover. “I hate being bipolar, it’s awesome”. This saying on the cover of ‘Ye’ preps you for the album but also explains Kanye in a nutshell. We all know he voices his opinion exuberantly despite the negativity it brings but at the same time is such a sensitive soul, bipolar much? BUT…as we all know, no-one loves Kanye more than Kanye loves Kanye (I’m a close 3rd. Kim is 2nd and I’ll explain later) Kanye loves himself flaws and all thus the statement definitely sums up Mr. West and starts the journey the album is about to take you on.

Let’s move tune by tune (that’s how much I love the album).

I Thought About Killing You

Kanye’s saying FACTS! How many times have you thought about killing somebody for whatever reason but if you voice that, people will call you crazy. We have known Kanye is unfiltered but now we are getting raw Kanye. “Just say it out loud and see how it feels”. Kanye portrays a man battling with his thoughts but un-apologetically going through the process out loud. Such a poetic song that puts multiple views into perspective; his, yours and the world’s. You’ve gotta listen to the song a couple times to understand the full depth of what Kanye is saying.


Kanye could never get tired of speaking about himself but I have to say, I am not tired of hearing him talk. He is honest and has been open about the place that he is in. Yes, he is influential, yes, he is saying some opinions that most don’t agree with but opinions are just that: OPINIONS. Everyone is entitled to one. Because he’s a star he should be going through this (believe it or not, he’s going through a lot) in silence? Nah!! We want to hear it. Music that’s not just for entertainment. His thought processes have become his music and in ‘Yikes’, he openly admits that sometimes he scares himself with the things than run through his mind. What I love about this track, he empowers himself. Yeezy says, “that’s my bipolar sh*t, that’s my superpower. Ain’t no disability. I’m a superhero” Imagine we were all able to view and utilise our weaknesses in the way Kanye does. Inspiring!


All Mine

My fave out of the whole album and not only because the flow is sick but Jeremih also drops some lit vocals. One of the reasons I love the tune is because is shows Kanye outside the ‘sunken place’ that everyone thinks he is. This tune has the modern day mumble rap vibe but also has the old name drop unapologetic Kanye. This one song is a whole journey. ‘Let me hit it raw like fuck the outcome/ Ayy, none of us’d be here without cum / Ayy, if it ain’t all about the income / Ayy, ayy, let me see you go ahead and spend some.’ WAVEY!!! I’m repeating the tune as I type this.

Wouldn’t Leave

Throw the whole man away! He ain’t got no boundaries. Kanye wrote the song about his wife, Kim Kardashian

They say, “Build your own”—I said, “How, Sway?”

I said, “Slavery a choice”—they said, “How, ‘Ye?”

Just imagine if they caught me on a wild day

Now I’m on fifty blogs gettin’ fifty calls

My wife callin’, screamin’, say we ’bout to lose it all

Had to calm her down ’cause she couldn’t breathe

Told her she could leave me now, but she wouldn’t leave

Kim, on the CDFA Fashion Awards red carpet where she received the first ever ‘Influencer Award’ mentioned that the song was very last minute and stood by her husband. She went on to say that a lot of people misunderstand him and she always knows his heart. “It meant a lot to me. We have different views sometimes, we have different things, but that’s my husband, you know?” Kanye is talking real life on this track.

No Mistakes

Old Kanye beat. Old Kanye Vibe. New Kanye state of mind. Old Kanye flow. Believe it or not. it’s lit. From here on..a bit more old Yeezy.


Ghost Town

Think ‘Blame Game’ Kanye mixed with ‘808 and heartbreak’ Kanye. PURE VIBES! To understand Kanye West, you have to follow the journey of his music and the artistry behind it. Track features Shirley Anne Lee with some leery vocals, Party Next Door and Kid Cudi (Cannot wait for that collab album).

Violent Crimes

This track shows us caring Kanye. Kanye the dad, the husband and Kanye the empathetic who looks at the vulnerable’s point of view. You gotta love ‘Ye’!


Ok, so it’s evident I love the album. No I do not agree with his opinions. Yes, I understand he has his own opinions and yes, I respect that. Musically, he’s a genius. Don’t @ me. Lol Listen to Ye below:


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