10 Songs That’ll Make You Wanna be Bae’d Up

Written By @justcookiedough


I’m the queen of wanting to be free, single and ready to mingle during summer but when I listen to these tracks, I definitely think twice.

10. Jacquees ft Dej Loaf – At The Club : These too underrated talents join each other for this banger and will have you feeling like the club is the place to find a boo.

9. Dappy – Oh My ft Ay Em : Na Na Niiiiiiiii!!! Back and doing the most, Dappy brings this banger and YES….I definitely need someone to sing this to me (and book that room in Ramada).

8. Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel : Off the queen’s new album, ‘Dirty Computer’, the tune makes me feel like I should be dancing for my boo at the same time!

7. Rae Sremmurd – Now That I Know : Have you ever listened to a song that makes you feel like you want those relationship problems? No? Well, VOILA!

6. One Acen – Vice Versa ft WSTRN :

“How many man are cattin’ to take my place if I disrespected you?
I guess we’ll never know
Cause my love for you is timeless”

That had me like, where’s bae?? And you already know Haille’s

5. Khalid & Normani – Love Lies : Khalid won MTV and Billboard Best Newcomer and if he keeps dropping tracks like this, we’ll all be in love with him.

6. Chris Brown – Royalty : This song was made about me.. Ok Bye.

4. Chip ft Ella Mai – Hit Me Up :


3. Kojo Funds ft Raye – Check


2.  Tank ft Trey Songz, TY Dollar Sign – When We (Remix) : The original love whisperer, Tank added more sauce to the already saucy track by featuring two of R’n’B’s sex symbols. Of course I’m in love now.



1. Ella Mai – Boo’d Up : Everything about the song and video makes me want to in her position. And of course she’s cozy with he handsome Donny Savage. I’m jealous.


If you don’t wanna be in love after this, BE WORRIED! Have I left out bangers? Who’s in there who shouldn’t be or who isn’t who should be?


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