web-crown-abstract-letter-w-logo-previewMissed me? I don’t care. I missed you though. Welcome to my blog….for the last time I hope. Obviously last time I got busy (blah blah *Insert exciting lie here* blah blah). Anyhoo, those that have never read anything by me, heeeeeeyyyyyy. I’m about to reintroduce myself!!!! Yay!

You know when you’re typing and you’re super excited, but you know noone else reading it is going to feel that excitement….arrgh nevermind.

Back to the basics. I am Cookie Dough. I love food, I love music, I love dance, I love performances, I love art, and most importantly, I love God. Sometimes, I write about it. Yeaaaahhh…so that’s the stuff. Hopefully you guys enjoy it here and be sure to let me know what you think.


Cookie Dough

Email: info@justcookiedough.co.uk

IG: justcookiedough

Twitter: justcookiedough

Facebook: justcookiedough


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