The Journey

The Journey: HIV/AIDS #KnowYourStatus

Update: The Test and Results

The video below shows you the package I received with the kit. What was in it and how it all works. Hopefully it’s all very helpful for you. The process is very easy and very simple. Get your kit


I am sorry I could not record the results for you but it’s quite simply a text message (because I chose to be contacted via this method, you can choose an email or phone call). I have screenshot it for you guys to see below. And I had to blur out my test number just for confidentiality. I’m already sharing a lot with you guys.

If you have anymore things that you are unsure about that you would like me to try (within reason of course) comment below or contact me and I’ll see what I can do. In the mean time, #KnowYourStatus

Intro to the Journey

 Hey you, and welcome back to another post by moi. AIDS! I don’t know how much you guys know about it but I’ve watched family members die because of AIDS. It ain’t pretty, definitely not glam. As I was strolling on Twitter today, as you do, I saw a sponsored tweet which gave a link to a website where you can acquire a test kit at home for free. I get tested at every opportunity, when they used to come with their free chlamydia kits in uni, I participated. Mostly, due to the fact that I don’t really fear the results cause I’m very cautious. Plus I love free stuff.

AIDS can be acquired through promiscuity, blood transfers (needles, gum disease etc), breast milk, etc. So you can have AIDS and not know it. A lot of people live with AIDS for a long time until it gets worse and ends them. I think it’s important to know your status at every given chance because things can change and it’s not always that you know how.
My mother’s brother died of AIDS, sadly one of my favourite uncles. I watched someone who once was a healthy young man wither away into a frail old man in the space of a year. The amount of medication he had to take was ridiculous and he  had been living with this condition without knowing. We loved him the same and we treated him with more care and he hated it. Unfortunately because of the position he was in, he had no choice. AIDS is one of the few diseases I will passionately raise awareness for no matter what.
AIDS symptoms can be monitored once you find out you are HIV positive especially in the early stages. This increases life expectancy because it’s been  diagnosed before it’s full blown AIDS!

Anyway….I went and ordered myself a kit and I thought I should share this great website and scheme that the government is conducting. And the response I received on Facebook actually led me back here. The typical assumption is that only promiscuous people acquire AIDS which evidently is not true. To find out other ways AIDS can be contracted, Click Here. There is nothing wrong with getting tested often. Better safe than sorry. This community has made it so getting tested is an embarrassment or an indication of indecency. I’m sorry but the only indecent thing is living with AIDS and not knowing and potentially spreading it.

I will be showing you the whole process as I go through if, up to the results.  I have ordered my kit today and when it gets delivered, I will be updating you on what it looks like and what you need to do. If you want to do your free test, get your kit Here.


We can go back and forth about other people’s statuses but the only person that matters is YOU and testing is not for anyone else but yourself. Take care of you and #KnowYourStatus

Find out how to prevent and protect yourself from HIV/AIDS

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